How to prepare fresh coconut milk at home

 The coconut milk extracted from fresh coconut imparts the most authentic taste to dishes.

  • Step

    Grate coconut

    Grate a fresh coconut using a hand grater and then transfer to a grinder.

  • Step

    Grind coconut

    Add 1 cup water and grind the grated coconut until runny.

  • Step

    Thick coconut milk

    Strain this coconut liquid through a fine muslin cloth and collect the coconut milk in a bowl. This first extract is the thick coconut milk.

  • Step

    Grind again

    Add the coconut residue from the muslin cloth back to the grinder. Add 1½ cups of water and blend again.

  • Step

    Thin coconut milk

    Strain through the muslin cloth and collect this coconut milk in another bowl. This is thin coconut milk or the second extract.

  • Step

    Very thin coconut milk

    Return the coconut residue to the grinder, add 1½ cups of water and blend again. Strain and collect the third residue. This very thin coconut milk can be used in curries for added flavour. Fresh coconut milk can be refrigerated for 2-3 days.

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