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Coconut Laddoo


Coconut Laddoo

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Serves: 2 to 3 people
  • Spice Level: Zero

Authenticity Slice

It is good to remember that scraping the coconut too deep till its brown shell will spoil the colour of the Laddoos. On the other hand, in case the coconut is too moist, you might want to dry roast it on a medium flame, taking it off the heat just before it starts changing colour.

Trivia Tadka

The Coconut Laddoo is a classic sweet dish that is prepared in different variations across India. It is also a popular festival and fasting food item. In Andhra Pradesh, it is known as ‘Kobbari Louz’ or ‘Kobbari Undalu’, and is sometimes mixed with white til for a distinct flavour.


  • Coconut, grated (1 cup)
  • Milk (1¼ cups)
  • Sugar (¼ cup)
  • Green cardamom (hari elaichi), powdered (¼ tsp)
  • Desi ghee (1 tsp)


  • Heat a tsp of ghee in a pan and lightly stir-fry the grated coconut. 
  • Add in the milk and cook on a medium flame till it is absorbed by the coconut.
  • Keep stirring to prevent the milk from burning. 
  • Once all the milk has been absorbed, add in the sugar. The mixture will get a little diluted once you add the sugar.
  • Keep cooking on a low flame till the mixture becomes sticky and you can make balls out of it.  
  • Once the mixture has cooled slightly, grease your hands with a little ghee and make even-sized balls out of it. 
  • The Coconut Laddoos are ready to be served.

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