Ker Sangri

What is Ker Sangri

Ker Sangri originated on the arid land of Rajasthan and evolved as a vegetable dish that is now a must on every Marwari wedding menu.

  • Ker, a shrub berry and Sangri, a bean of a
  • flowering tree called Khejari,
  • come together to make this easy-to-prepare dish.


During the great famine in India, when almost all vegetation had died off, there were certain small berries and long beans that surprisingly grew in abundance.

Completely fascinated by this peculiarity, the natives decided to dry and cook them. The outcome was a delicious ‘Ker Sangri’!

Look and Taste

A small sour berry, Ker has a dull green appearance before it’s dried. Sangri is a long green bean that looks a lot like Gawar.

The final Ker Sangri dish is a flavourful dry mix of spicy and tangy in every bite.


To reduce the sourness, raw Ker berries are soaked in salt water, washed, and then dried under shade. Sangri beans are plucked when raw, boiled lightly, dried under shade, and preserved for almost a year.


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