• What is Coconut?
  • Coconut is the fruit of a tree thought to have hailed from the southern part of India.  
  • Discovery
  • Coconut was first discovered by Portuguese explorers, who found them on the Indian Ocean islands. They described it as “Coco”, which means “grinning face of a monkey” because of the three dark holes at its base. It was unknown to the western world until the 6th century.
  • Look and Taste
  • It appears white and has a coarse texture on the inside called khopra, while the outer crust is a fibrous husk. It has a mildly sweet  flavour. Because of its versatile taste and texture, it plays a vital role in major Indian cuisines.
  • Ways To Use It In Cooking
  • The kitchens of India heartily welcome this round-shaped fruit in their recipes. Its milk and khopra are used to enhance the flavours of both spicy and sweet cuisines.
  • The Health Benefits
  • Coconut helps reduce sweet cravings, improves digestion and is also good for your kidneys. It also provides quick and lasting boosts of energy.


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