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Atta Roti
Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

Atta Roti (Wheat Flour Roti)

  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • Serves: 5 to 6 people
  • Spice Level: Zero

Authenticity Slice

Preparing the dough for rotis is an art form. If the dough is properly kneaded, the rotis come out soft, fluffy and tasty. So it is advisable to be patient, and to knead the dough with the back of your fist for at least 5 good minutes. Also, it is a good idea to allow the dough to stand for 10 to 15 minutes before rolling out the rotis.

Trivia Tadka

The good old roti is, arguably, one of the most popular forms of bread consumed worldwide, second only to rice. In northern India, no meal is complete without the roti, which forms the main accompaniment to dal and sabzi. The word ‘roti’, in fact, comes from the Sanskrit word ‘rotika’ which translates to ‘bread’. Outside of India, rotis are often used as the base for rolls.


  • Wheat flour (atta) (2 cups)
  • Water (as required )


  • Using a sieve, sift the atta into a paraat (flat, round plate with high edges). With a little water (use lukewarm water if it is winter), knead the atta into a smooth chappati dough. Once the dough has come together and become smooth, keep pressing down with the back of your palm for at least 5 more minutes so that it becomes more pliant.
  • Cover and let the dough stand for 10 minutes.
  • Make lemon-sized balls of the atta and roll them out one by one into flat rotis of about 5-inch diameter. Use some dry atta to dust the rotis in case the dough sticks to the rolling pin.
  • Heat a tava and gently place a roti on it.
  • Keep the flame on a medium. After about half a minute, flip the roti on the tawa with the help of a chimta (clasp).
  • After about half-a-minute, some pink patches will start appearing on the other side of the roti and it will start puffing up. At this point, remove the tawa and hold the roti directly over the flame with the help of a clasp. As it puffs up further, turn the roti on the other side and then quickly take it off the flame.
  • Serve hot with sabzi and dal.

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