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Meetha Chila


Meetha Chila

  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Serves: 2 to 4 people

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Take good care to ensure that the consistency of the batter is neither too thick nor too thin.

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Meetha Chila is a popular Rajasthani dish that is made using wheat. It is generally served with lunch or dinner, mainly to add a bit of sweetness to the food platter, even though the Chila is not considered a regular dessert. 


  • Wheat flour (atta) (2 cups)
  • Sugar (1 cup)
  • Milk (½ cup)
  • Green cardamom (hari elaichi), powder (1 tsp)
  • Oil (for frying)
  • Water (1 cup)


  • In a bowl, add the wheat flour, sugar and milk. Mix and whisk well.
  • Then, slowly pour in the water. Keep whisking so that no lumps remain.
  • Next, add in the elaichi powder and mix well. Allow the mixture to stand for about 10 minutes.
  • Heat a not-stick tava and grease it with a little oil.
  • Then, scoop up some of the mixture in a ladle or a spoon and pour it over the hot tava.  Gently spread out this mixture, moving in a circular manner like while making a dosa.
  • Sprinkle some oil onto the Chila.
  • After about a minute, flip the Chila and take it off the flame as soon as it becomes golden brown in colour.
  • After about a minute or so, flip the Chila and cover with a lid.
  • Serve hot.

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