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Mango Lassi

  • Duration: 25 mins
  • Serves: 2 people
  • Spice Level: Zero

Authenticity Slice

This summer special tastes best when served chilled and made with full fat curds. Do not dilute with water as the lassi will become thin in consistency.

Trivia Tadka

Lassi comes in two distinct varieties, sweet and salty. The sweet version is flavoured with sugar, which balances the natural sourness of the yoghurt, but can also be jazzed up with elaichi powder, rose syrup, saffron or pureed fruit of your choice.


  • Curd (dahi) (3 cups)
  • Mango (aam) purée fresh or canned (1 cup)
  • Sugar (1/2 cup)
  • Ice cubes (10-12)
  • Ripe mango (aam) cubes (1/2 cup, for garnishing)


• In a blender, add ice, curd, mango pulp and sugar and grind until the ice is crushed and the liquid is frothy.
• Serve immediately in a tall glasses garnished with cubed ripe mangoes.

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