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They recreated their Mom's special dish and told the world why it's been their favourite ever since.

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Extraordinary Women


Paneer Butter Masala

She makes it special by frying paneer cubes in oil before cooking.

Extraordinary Women

Noopur Agarwal

Malai Kofta

My mom is a super cook, but my favourite is her signature Malai Kofta recipe, which is like the best dish in the world. Her koftas always turn out to be super-soft and melt in the mouth and her gravy is flavourful and finger-licking good, she uses fresh homemade paneer and malai, here is my recreation. :)

Extraordinary Women

Veena Vinyas


My mom makes yummy holige that are thin, layered and nicely stuffed. I remember, before my marriage, to teach me, mom used to make a small quantity of holige every day so that I can learn the technique properly. So we had holige daily for a whole month! And I am sure I perfected them under the Masterchef.

Extraordinary Women


Idli Upma

Moms have a tough task of pleasing everyone at home. My dad loves idli but the kids hate it. So for breakfast, she makes idli for dad and dosa with the same idli batter for the kids; she also makes idli upma with leftover idlis as an evening snack. Healthy, simple, easy, creative, and everyone loves it. Clever moms!

Extraordinary Women

Sameer Kapur

Rajma ke kebab

My mother is the best cook in this world and we love to have kebabs so she cooks rajma ke kebab. I can assure you that no one in this world can cook better kebabs than her. Those rajma kebabs are so such delicate that they just melt in the mouth, and so tasty that we just keep licking our fingers.

Extraordinary Women

Tanvi Kulkarni

Jeera Aloo

My mother fell sick one day and I decided to make her feel better. I went through her recipe book and prepared Jeera Aloo with her special ingredients. I still remember her expression. She was overwhelmed.

Extraordinary Women

Hemlata Srivastava

Dal Fara

My mother passed away! Since then, my sister-in-law has been like a mother to me. Her Dal Faras are absolutely delicious and whenever I go to her place, she makes sure she cooks Dal faras for me. It's her way of telling me she loves me.

Extraordinary Women

Mahipal Singh Bhandari

Pattore ki Sabji

My mother cooks Arbi ki Leaf and Besan for me. The fact that she cooks it, adds extra deliciousness to it. Every bite has a mother's love in it.

Extraordinary Women


Mango Kulfi

It brings back memories of warm summer afternoons and gets me all fuzzy. We used thick milk from our own cows and mangoes from the backyard. They were yummy and we would always raid the fridge. I recently tried it but it was nowhere near hers.

Extraordinary Women


Tomato garlic Rasam rice with potato curry

Even though everyone makes rasam, my mother makes it at the will of my wish, accompanied by hot fried potatoes. She ensures that I have the dish hot so that the taste lingers forever in my mind. Though I have tasted it number of times, still the dish wins my heart as if I am eating it for the first time.

Extraordinary Women

Priyanka Daga

Dal Bati Churma

This is a traditional Rajasthani dish and mom used to make it using an oven. It took 3 hours to prepare the dal. Whenever my exam results were announced, she used to make almost 2 kg churma, so that I could share it with all classmates, which was worth dying for in taste.

Extraordinary Women


Baby Potato Fry

Once we organised a get together in my office. For my part, I took baby potato fry prepared by my mother and it became an instant hit. Though I learned the recipe from her and cooked the same way, it never received such mass appreciation as mother's cooking = Lots of Love + Affection+ Patience.

Extraordinary Women


Coconut-stuffed Bhindi

It is a very special dish to me as during our childhood we all liked bhindi but once I challenged my mother to cook bhindi in a different way. She then made this innovative dish which was very delicious and everybody in our house liked it very much. I miss her and her love and affection.

Extraordinary Women

Chandni Tiwari


Maa makes the yummiest chhole in the whole world. The tartness of ripe juicy tomatoes, slight sweetness of caramelized onions and the perfect blend of spices. She has to make it on every occasion at our home as no celebration is complete without her chhole. I have recreated it here for her.

Extraordinary Women

Megha M

Pakore-wali Kadhi

Pakore-wali Kadhi has been a favourite all my life. The mere mention of Kadhi Chawal for lunch would brighten me up. The rich, creamy, frothy, kadhi loaded with melting-in-mouth soft pakore were masterpieces created with love. I now stuff pakoras with onion/brinjal & my mom loves the new twist.

Extraordinary Women

Priyanka Modi

Poori Chhole

My mum used to make poori chhole on special occasions and I still miss those days when we used to wake up to delicious poori chhole. I also make exactly the same dish after my marriage, to relive those days and also so that my child can cherish these memories. Life is all about beautiful memories.

Extraordinary Women

Pallavi Mukherjee

Khajur ke Gudh-waali Kheer

Whenever I get upset, my Mom starts making different kinds of dishes for me. But Khajur ke Gudh wali Kheer is something that will always be my favourite. I remember especially this one incident where I got good marks in Mass Comm and I was rewarded with Mom's delicious Khajur Ke Gudh wali Kheer.

Extraordinary Women

Rachna Sharma

Matka Undhiyu

For me, my Mom is the Super Cook. she puts soul into her dish. One of the best qualities I learned is not to waste any food. I am really sometimes surprised about her ideas for healthy alternatives.I recreated her special authentic Gujarati traditional recipe Matka Undhiyu carried on by generations.

Extraordinary Women


Suji ka Halwa

My mom cooks a delicious halwa which is of pure white colour quite different from other people's brown halwa. It's quite tasty too. She always cooks it on special occasions and I really love it and have learned to even recreate it after marriage.

Extraordinary Women

Meenakshi Kapur

Oats Aloo ke Gulab Jamun

My mother makes gulab jamuns from oats and aloo to give a healthy twist to traditional Indian sweet as potatoes have vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, potassium, magnesium and oats are highly beneficial for health as they lower cholesterol levels, enhance the immune system and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Extraordinary Women

Kalpana Janardan

Mango Magic

This mouth-watering dish is special, with my mom preparing it during the mango season. It reminds me of childhood when we picked mangoes from nearby forest areas. It was fun, with a nature trail.

Extraordinary Women

Chandresh Jain

Mango Beenaj (Sweet Saffron Rice)

A perfect blend of Alphonso with Sweet Saffron Rice topped with cardamom makes this dish lip smacking. My love of mangoes made her experiment with Mangoes with so many other dishes to club nutrition with taste. From which, I love this recipe the most. It's called Mango Beena, a Rajasthani name.

Extraordinary Women


Butter Panneer Masala

She makes the best-ever tasty butter paneer masala, and before she completes cooking, I’ll rush to taste it. She’s a born chef and whatever she cooks it’ll be the best. One of the magic ingredients she sprinkles in all her dishes is love I guess. She’s d best & I love her the most #loveyouMoM.

Extraordinary Women

Rashika Vazirani

Yellow Dal Fry

The aromatic sizzle of Mom’s homemade spices in the hot oil, the soothing sound of the ladle stirring the dal, the desi ghee tampering, everything is so pure and pristine, that I lick my spoon clean each time I have maa ki dal, and mom goes to sleep contented after enriching us to the last bite!

Extraordinary Women

Saba Rehan

Soya Kofta Biryani

My most favourite dish is soya kofta biryani. I prefer vegetarian food more than non-veg, keeping my preference in her mind she started preparing veg biryani whenever she made non-veg biryani for the whole family. It’s really special to my heart as my mother used to specially prepare it just for me.

Extraordinary Women

Payal Bhartia

Sabudana Kheer (Sago)

Sabudana Kheer is our traditional dish which is relished by everyone in our family. It's special because this dish of her adds sweetness to our lives. It's divine taste binds all of us together in love. It is also very healthy as mom adds magic to it by adding ghee, kesar and lots of nuts. Love you MOM.

Extraordinary Women

Harpreet Kaur

Malai Soya Chaap

I am the only vegetarian in my family. So my Mom has to do a lot of work to keep me healthy. She cooks Malai Soya Chaap, Paneer Bhurji, Soya Granules Bhurji etc. in place of Eggs, Mutton, Chicken etc. All these dishes, especially for me are very tasty and keep me fit & healthy.

Extraordinary Women

Renu Abedin

Besan Ke Laddoo

The love and perfection which she puts in making this laddoo makes it even more sweeter and tastier.

Extraordinary Women

Rajyasree Dey

Nolen Gurer Payesh (Date Palm Jaggery)

When Ma makes Nolen Gurer Payesh, entire kitchen gets filled with its heady with its drool-worthy aroma. I am no exception. I learnt from Ma & made for her on Mother's Day. She was elated!

Extraordinary Women


Narali Bhat ( sweet coconut rice )

Narali bhat is a sweet coconut rice prepared using sugar, grated coconut, saffron, clove, cinnamon, raisins, cashews etc. This dish resembles the nature of my mom, like a coconut she is tough n hard from the outside and tender n sweet on the inside. Every bite of this dish takes me on a trip of heaven. Love you Aai.

Extraordinary Women

Sonakshi Srivastava

Rajma Chawal

My most favourite mom-made dish is rajma chawal and I can eat it daily because my mom cooks the best rajma chawal in the world. My mom always says that rajma chawal was the first solid food that I ever tasted. Mom also taught me her way of cooking, with lots of love. I love you mom.

Extraordinary Women


Multi Grain Halwa

Mom always says, "Shubh kaam ki shuruvat meethe se honi chahiye". And on every birthday, my Mom used to make this multi grain Halwa for me. I do the same for my children now. Thank You Mom!

Extraordinary Women


Aloo Gobi Masala

Once when I was cycling, I fell down and got badly hurt! So I was at the hospital for about 5 hours. Met and talked to every one but then came Mom! And she brought my favourite Aloo Gobi Masala with Chapati and I experienced heaven! Thanks mom! Love You!

Extraordinary Women


Kadhai Paneer

Mom said whenever or whatever you cook, be positive and be happy. While cooking, our thoughts reflect in the taste of food and also on food value. Kadhai paneer is my favourite dish, which I learnt from Mom. I have been praised whenever I have cooked it at my in-law's place.The magic is in the curry of Kadhai Paneer and of course, her secret ingredient is love. Thanks Mom!

Extraordinary Women

Priyanka Singh

Aaloo Palak ka Saag

I have never been a fan of vegetables, Brinjal, Louki and Palak to be precise. One day I fell sick and I was asked to eat only green veggies. So my Mom worried that I won't eat veggies just like that, cooked Aaloo Palak ka saag. It was yummy! Moms understand our feelings and mine is the best Mom in the world. Love u Mom!

Extraordinary Women


Bharwa Karela

The mota and khada masala are my Mom's secret ingredients to a delicious Bharwa Karela! Whenever I cook it, it reminds me of her. She used to cook it especially in summers. There are other dishes of hers that are equally tasty, but this one I love the most. Mom used to make my summers better with this recipe.

Extraordinary Women

Suman Prakash

Aloo ka Peda Bhog

On days of fast, Mom used to cook sweet-aloo ka halwa. I can never forget that taste. We always waited for her to make that halwa during our childhood and now I feel proud to make that dish. Now when I cook it, I change the shape of halwa into peda. My halwa is traditional and tasty, but Maa ke hath ka Halwa, will always be my favourite!

Extraordinary Women

Neha’s Dal Khichdi

Dal Khichdi

It was my 13th birthday and I had met with an accident. During that recovery period Ma cooked this delicious combo for me whenever I was in too much pain. Since then it has been my comfort food.

Extraordinary Women

Mary Vijayakumari

Oats Pongal

I was little chubby so I was on diet reducing my weight avoid foods ate only fruits and vegetables. My mom was worried about me so one day she prepared Oats Pongal as diet dish. It was awesome! Mom knows what we need, understand our feelings, my mom knows only traditional dishes but gave a modern twist.

Extraordinary Women


Puran Poli

No one can cook better Puran poli than my mom. She cooks it on my birthday every year aside from festivals too. Always been her way of saying "Your birthday is also a festival to be celebrated."

Extraordinary Women

Ad ahmad


Maa ke hath ki har cheez special hoti, par meri maa ki hath ke rajma ki to alag hi baat hain. Sunte hi moo main pani aa jata hain. I love you mom. Dil chahta hain ki roz khau, khata hi rahu.

Extraordinary Women

Reshma Ashar

Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is both my mom's and my favourite dish. She makes it especially with homemade garam masala and pav bhaji masala. These masalas, me and my mom prepare together and store in air-tight containers. I help mom with the preparation of this dish which makes it even more special.

Extraordinary Women

Jayshree Killa

Vegetable Biryani

It's special to me because the dish has all her love in it.The unconditional care, positive attitude. Pure bliss and a mother's love lingers in the taste.

Extraordinary Women

Reshma Krishna Kumar


Nothing can replace the taste of Sambhar which my mother used to make. Wherever she is now, I want to thank her and tell I love her for introducing me to Sambhar. It's comforting, delicious and beautiful memories of my mother are attached to it.

Extraordinary Women

Suman Kamath

Methi Pulao

My mom is a wonderful cook as she sprinkles loads of love/interest when she cooks. I am working hard to be a good cook like her. Her favorite is methi pulao and mine too because it's healthy and tasty. I make it a little different by adding mushrooms, cashews and lots of green/red/orange veggies.

Extraordinary Women

Vivek’s Veg Shammi Kebab

Veg Shammi Kebab

I got 60 % in board exams. I had been upset so Mom cooked this kebab in the evening to cheer me up. Today I made this so that I can tell her 'Thank you for being the way you are!'.

Extraordinary Women

Sneha’s Mix Veg Samosas

Mix Veg Samosas

This was the first thing Ma taught me how to cook. I was a slow learner so she kept telling me stories about her good old days to let me have fun while keeping me engaged, motivated. Definitely one of my favourite memories with her.

Extraordinary Women

Nitya’s Kadhai Paneer

Kadhai Paneer

On the last day of every exam, my Mom would cook this dish along with rumali roti. It has always been her way of saying ‘I love you no matter what happens’!